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Look who came to YLYS 2023

HONEY Says...

I've loved meeting everyone here 

You're brilliant, through and through 

I felt it as I walked in, 

I already knew I loved you. 


You helped my mama feel safe 

To be herself, to feel at ease 

You gave me love and cuddles 

You fed me lots of cheese. 


Though I have been a loony 

Nicking all your stuff 

I hope I made you smile 

Cos I know you've had it ruff! 


Me and my mama didn't know 

If we would make it this far 

Everything has been our first 

Since getting in the car. 


I wondered if I can ask you 

Before my mama drives us home 

Can I be your mascot? 

Cos I love you like I do my bone. 


Cos in my heart I'd like to say 

That you all mean the world to me 

To get my mama out the house 

As she got not family 


U feel like you are family 

U feel like all she never had 

You're all fucking brilliant 

We've met you and were glad. 


Thank you for giving us this chance 

I hope the first of many 

Now, before we go, 

Can I have a cuddle for the journey? 


Oh and if you have a little snack 

I can have it honestly, 

Cos being a Labrador 

My belly always feels empty.


Rachael W

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