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Love & Hope

A member of staff in the kids home,
Didn't have much hope for me,
I was told that I'd never recover,
From the damage emotionally. 

If I was lucky I'd end up in prison,
Or on the street with a bottle of gin,
Either way I was screwed for forever,
As adults didn't know where to begin.

It was written that I couldn't get close,
Close enough, to trust or to love,
And that this way would be eternal,
Even if granted a wish from above.

If you knew what my memories looked like,
And could see all the scars on my heart.
You'd see my soul wasn't broken,
You'd hold my hand from the start.

So throw the stats out the window,
Chuck the lack of hope in the bin,
Create the learning that's needed,
For a child's life to finally begin.

Be curious to what I am showing you,
As I hadn't the words or the ryhme.
Showing me the way was essential, 
Believing me and giving me time.

Open your heart grow to love me,
As I was just a child,
Remember the essence of simplicity,
As I was practically raised in the wild! 

So when you read a child's "file" 
Please don't judge them.
Or come to your own conclusion before you can see,
'Till you've walked in my shoes, please just trust me,
Believe me and treat me compassionately.

The saddest thing I remember,
When I was treated as though I was a thug,
I'd never done anything wrong as a kid
Yet you was told not to give me a hug.

I wished as a kid for a family,
I wished as a kid to belong,
All I needed was for you to love me,
You was told that you couldn't, that was wrong. 

So for anyone who spends their day working,
With our kids in the system so broke,
When the child is ready to be cared for,
Give them love, do all you can to stoke. 

They've struggled enough in their short time,
They're only young after all.
Treat them as you'd wish to be treated,
Children remember what's said, even the small.

Rachel W

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