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Letters to the Little People

Your Life Your Story went to Windsor for the INTERNATIONAL annual conference of  THE CONSORTIUM FOR THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITIES to deliver a workshop. 

Care experienced poet and activist, Tasmin Trevorrow-Earl, care experienced artist and poet Yusuf McCormack and care experienced poet, artist and qualified social worker, Saira-Jayne Jones will be inviting participants to hold on to their seats, lean in and open their ears, as Your Life Your Story transports them on an emotive, profound and immersive journey into the ‘care’ experience through the decades of their lived experience; using narrative, poetry, verse and spoken word.

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Letters to the Little people was designed and delivered with the intention of audience participation. It asked the listening audience to reflect and address what they had heard, asking questions of themselves whilst also understanding that the people they work with all have an inner child residing in them who most likely needs to be heard.

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National Diversity Awards 2019




Amanda was just 18 years old when she became a housemother in a local authority children’s home. She has been working with care experienced children for 43 years as a caregiver in various settings including children’s residential care, fostering, social work and supported accommodation for care leavers. She is a firm believer in the therapeutic approach to care and education and has developed a simple working definition to help other care givers understand what this means in practice. In 2017 supported by The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities and The Care Leavers Foundation, Amanda organised the first Your Life Your Story Event to amplify the voices of care experienced adults and caregivers through story telling. Whether writing for cathartic reasons, for the record or to become published, Your Life Your Story offers a living learning experience that unleashes the power of relationships and the untold story.



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The Phoenix

In times of doubt and confusion the phoenix symbolises strength, transformation and renewal. For only from the ashes of who we were, can we rise up to become who we’re to be.

This inspirational artwork has been donated to Your Life Your Story by artists Saira-Jayne Jones and Yusuf Paul McCormack known collectively as ‘Artifacts’ who facilitated a creative workshop at Your Life Your Story 2019.

Our task was to make the branches of our ‘Positivtree’
We were instructed to take four luggage labels and to think about two negative words used by others to describe us and two positive words and to write each word on the labels selected. On completion we were invited to take the labels bearing negative words and shred them in the paper shredder provided. The labels with the two positive words we had written became the leaves on our branch of the ‘positivitree’ which we decorated in colourful ribbons and trinkets.

What we didn’t know…

The labels bearing the negative names we had shredded at the end of the workshop were to be carefully constructed to create this amazing picture of the phoenix rising from the book. It captures the very essence of Your Life Your Story.

Unleashing the power of relationships and the untold story

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