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I Didn't Know

When I was a child in care
I moved from place to place.
I didn't know if you were safe
I didn't know your face. 

I didn't understand the rules
As they were new to me,
I didn't know what to expect
That made me want to flee.

I couldn't even remember 
What were your names?
And when you said just to relax
What was fun and what were games?

You'd ask me what I'd like for tea,
I didn't know..
And when you said its time to eat
I wasn't sure where to go.

And on the days you cherished most,
Like Christmas Day
You'd be wanting me to join in
But I'd lock myself away.

You'd sit to talk things out with me
You'd ask if I'm OK
But I'm just terrified of 
what would happen, if I say.

I didn't know the way you live
It's all brand new to me
It's nothing like I'd ever known
I know that with certainty! 

You would tell me that I would be safe 
You'd tell me I could stay
I'd start to trust that would be true
But danger never went away.

It weren't your fault, you weren't to know
The risks were always high
It's time to move It's time to go
Too scared to say goodbye

Maybe at the next place 
I'd have the time to tell
The stuff I was subjected to
The life I had from hell.

Well at least I got some clothes that fit
And learnt how to brush my teeth
I also learnt a bed is to be slept ontop of
Not beneath.

Moving to a new place
My stuff in one black sack
Social worker looks concerned 
No time to look back.

Another new face, new name to learn
New rules, all brand new to me.
It's nothing like I'd ever known
I know that with certainty.

by Rachel W

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