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Where it All Started

“The first Your Life Your Story writing event took place during Care Leavers Week October 2017, it was attended by 14 care-experienced adults with an age range from 18-59. Pens were poised, stories told, tears and laughter shared, and songs were written, but above all, it was the sense of acceptance and belonging that emerged through relationships that lived on after the event that nurtured the will for the event to live on and grow.  




Your Life Your Story is now a three-day literary festival bringing care experienced adults and caregivers together with published authors, poets and artists to find their voice through the techniques of story-telling.


Whether writing for cathartic reasons, for the record or to become published, Your Life Your Story is a living learning experience that unleashes the power of relationships and the untold story.

As we gathered for Your Life Year Story 2018 the sight of old faces felt reassuringly comforting, like a family reunion anticipating the arrival of new relatives, a new chapter to be written for the next generation.” 

                                                Amanda Knowles, Organiser of Your Life Your Story

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