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From Care to Where

From care to where 

Where will I go?

That's for me to find out

Not for me to know

“You're an adult now nearly 18”

“Be prepared as real world is not what it seems” 


Think about your career, tenancy and taxes

Think of how you'll tackle dire circumstance

Therapy will cost and we don't have the funding

But someone will be there to help you

Come Monday morning

Then six weeks after that

So you should be OK

Our offices are open but not on Fridays


From care to where?

Where will I be?

Am I another statistic?

Another case study?

Another tragic story to raise awareness about?

Riddled with anxiety, unable to leave the house?


I could end up in prison

Or sleep on the streets

Will I afford the shoes on my feet?

Will I heal or fall off track? 

Will my co-operate parents take me back?


If I struggle to cope or lose hope

Surely they'll interfere if I start smoking dope

Because then I'll be an ASBO child

Get in some trouble

At least then I'll be noticed 

Not left in the rubble


Will I meet a good partner?

Or seek anyone at all

Domestic violence or not

It's someone to call

What if I get evicted

Cos I don't know what I'm doing

I am biting off More than I am chewing


I'm only 17, not long left school

I just don't feel equipped with the right tools

People make decisions about my life

They sit round a table and discuss my strife

They asked for my input and think it's nice that I've engaged

But social services decide my fate


From Care to where

A bedsit in the city

From a group home

To the nitty and gritty

The transitions too strong

I don't know where I belong

Local authority have got me all wrong


It's not my social worker's fault

They've got 30 odd cases

I'm surprised they can match names to their young 

Peoples faces

Up to their eyeballs in paperwork

Can't build a rapport

I'm a human being

Not another chore

From care to where

Where will I be?

Let me know IRO

It's not up to me…


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